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Soothing Bell

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Therapy Session

Soothing Bell
Soothing Bell

Connect. Heal. Thrive!

Fragmented or disconnected from your sense of self? Stuck in observer mode or lost your Inner Compass? Together we can deepen your awareness, nourish your whole being, and cultivate transformative solutions to challenges.

We begin where you are...

You are the expert on your own experience. My role is to help you identify problematic patterns, beliefs, meanings, internal conflicts and narratives that keep you from being your most integrated and empowered self. Our collaboration can help you gain new perspectives and tools for healing old wounds, being more present, and navigating your relationship to self and others. As you clarify who you are while practicing new ways of being within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, a more authentic and skillful version of yourself can begin to emerge. It becomes a pathway to a more satisfying life. The life that you want to live.

The quality of the therapy relationship is an important determining factor to the success of your investment. If you are motivated and ready to grow, call or submit a Contact Form to schedule a free 20 min phone or video consultation so we may explore "goodness of fit" for meeting your needs.

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Providing integrative individual psychotherapy & EMDR for adults in Texas.


dissociative disorders


generalized anxiety

loss of meaning/existential depression



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