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Trauma & Dissociative Disorder Therapy Austin

~Special Areas of Interest~

  • Dissociation

  • Existential or Spiritual concerns

  • Academic & Professional related Anxiety

  • GLBTQ+ other identity related concerns

Healing is Possible.

Help is Available!

Traumatic experiences may result in your feeling disconnected, unreal, fragmented, disembodied and struggling to make sense of your identity or existence. Perhaps it feels that your Core Self is lost or broken, and you float through life as a mere passenger. Living this way is surviving but not thriving, and somewhere inside you hear a voice calling out for something more. Something better. To live life more fully! Do you wonder if it's possible to put all your pieces together and feel Whole and Connected?

Dissocation Therapy Austin


Jody L. Miller, MS, LPC-Intern supervised by Sharon Bien, MA, LPC-S

1406 Camp Craft Rd, Ste 205

Austin, TX 78746

Ph: (512) 983-7201