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Whole-Person Healing

Fragmented or disconnected from your sense of self? Stuck in observer mode or lost your Inner Compass? Together we may deepen your awareness, nourish your whole being, and cultivate transformative solutions to challenges.

We begin where you are...

You are the expert on your own experience. My role is to help guide you in unraveling the intricate patterns, beliefs, narratives, internal strife, and deep-seated psychological frameworks—known as schemas, or recurring thought patterns that shape your world view—that hinder your path to a unified and empowered self. By engaging in relational psychotherapy and applying Internal Family Systems (IFS) principles, our collaboration aims to foster profound self-awareness and innovative strategies for healing past traumas, enhancing presence, and mastering the art of self-relation and interpersonal dynamics. As you explore or clarify your identity and experiment with novel approaches within the secure bounds of our therapeutic alliance, you may witness the emergence of a more genuine and adept version of yourself. This transformation invites a pathway to a life of greater fulfillment—the life you aspire to lead.

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Areas of Specialization


Struggling with the weight of anxiety, you might find yourself caught in the relentless pursuit of perfectionism, battling feelings of imposter syndrome, or constantly worrying about maintaining your self-authenticity. These experiences can make you feel as if you're on an endless treadmill, trying to outrun fears of judgment and inadequacy. It's not just about feeling nervous; it's about living in a state where your thoughts are dominated by the pressure to always be more and the fear that you're never enough. I understand how these challenges can overshadow your life, making it hard to find peace and authenticity in your daily experiences. My approach facilitates a nurturing space where the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for healing. I believe that through a genuine and compassionate connection, we can explore these layers of anxiety together. Relational psychotherapy offers a reflective mirror, helping you understand and transform the patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of perfectionism and self-doubt. By integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS), we delve into the diverse parts of your psyche, addressing the internal conflicts that fuel your imposter syndrome and fears. This combined approach aims to guide you toward a more grounded and authentic self, where you can embrace your imperfections and meet life's challenges with confidence and self-awareness.


If you're grappling with the often unsettling and surreal experiences of depersonalization/derealization or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), you probably understand the profound need for not just treatment, but true understanding and connection. As someone who has personally journeyed through and healed from a dissociative disorder, I bring a unique blend of personal insight and professional expertise to our sessions. My approach is anchored in relational psychotherapy, which is based on the healing principle that a safe, empathetic, and understanding relationship can be transformative by inviting all of your "self-states" (aspects of self) into the therapy relationship. This approach helps to built trust and safety among self-states as well, inviting vital elements often disrupted in those experiencing dissociation. It's about creating a space where you can begin to feel connected and present in your life. ​ Integrated with this is Internal Family Systems (IFS), an approach that recognizes the complex multiplicity of your inner life. IFS helps by identifying and understanding the various 'parts' of your psyche, each with its own unique feelings, thoughts, and intentions. This method works on the principle that healing comes from within; by fostering internal dialogue and understanding, IFS encourages harmony and balance among these parts. It's about nurturing self-leadership and compassion, allowing you to gently heal the wounds that contribute to dissociative experiences. Together, these approaches offer a comprehensive path to recovery, helping you to feel whole and centered in your being once more.

Non-Ordinary States

Swimming in the after effects from a Near Death Experience (NDE) or any non-ordinary state may leave you feeling isolated in a sea of confusion and disconnection. As someone who has personally navigated the complex journey of healing from an NDE, I understand the profound impact and upheaval it can bring to one's life. I offer a compassionate and understanding approach to help you weave these extraordinary experiences into a coherent and empowering narrative. Together, we may explore the depths of your experience, acknowledging both the struggle and the profound insights, guiding you toward a place of understanding and peace. In my practice, I strive to provide a safe, empathetic environment where your story is heard and validated. I focus on building a connection that supports and facilitates your journey of integration. This approach is about creating a therapeutic partnership where you can openly explore and make sense of the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions of your experience. I am dedicated to helping you articulate your inner world, redefine your sense of self, and embrace the transformative power of your experience, paving the way for healing, growth, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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