Jody L. Miller, MS, LPC-Intern supervised by Sharon Bien, MA, LPC-S

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Trauma creates change you don't choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.

~Michele  Rosenthal

Seeking to understand an out-of-body Near Death Experience in early childhood, I’ve passionately explored the fabric between neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics and spirituality. This personal and professional pursuit leads me to understand that our consciousness (Mind) is an amazing resource that can be deeply accessed through psychotherapy and cultivated to promote healing. The language we choose, the stories we tell ourselves, the meanings we assign and the schemas/images we construct about our past, present and future influence our journey.


Sometimes we get lost and can’t find our way…

If you are struggling to access your full potential or Internal Compass—I’d love to help connect you with your authentic Self and new skills for mindfully addressing problematic dissociation, generalized anxiety, relationships, professional or academic issues, or existential/spiritual concerns. Engaging in deep personal work, such as healing from developmental trauma or complex grief, requires courage and support. As a therapist with a gentle and confident style, I facilitate exploration into discovering natural strengths that may have been fractured by trauma, dimmed by loss or inhibited by shame.

It’s your life. Be brave. You don't have to do it alone.

My combined professional experience includes over 20 years working in community mental health centers, higher education and residential treatment centers for adults with mental health challenges. I trained as a psychotherapist and graduated from *one of the highest ranked Counseling Psychology programs in the nation, which was also awarded excellence from the American Psychological Association for its emphasis on cultural competency.

As a living Story, I am ever-evolving and possess a deep curiosity that drives me to seek opportunities to learn and grow. Continuous professional development is extremely important to me, so you can be assured that I endeavor to grow with evolving research and understanding within the field of mental health. I value process as much as outcome, believing them to be intimately related such that my approach is to help clients learn improved relational, emotional and cognitive processes that support desired outcomes in many areas of life.


Truly it is an honor to utilize my knowledge and skills to promote healing and personal growth, and I look forward to collaborating with you.

MS Counseling (2008), *University of Wisconsin-Madison
BS Psychology (2001), Bemidji State University (Minnesota)
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