Consultation for Therapists

Seeking guidance on working with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

A Tower of Stones

An Insider's Guide to treating Dissociative Identity Disorder

Having personally healed from DID, survived the most infamous treatment program for dissociate disorders in the early '90s, immersed myself in associated research since 1993, and successfully treated DID as a therapist, I offer a unique perspective of being on "both sides of the chair" in such treatment. Possessing this rare dual awareness (which mirrors the "Central Paradox of DID") allows me to deftly facilitate phenomenological shifts in perspective and connect therapists to effective case conceptualization and techniques to authentically join with clients; collaboratively weaving an integrated awareness (or co-consciousness) between structurally dissociated self-states.

Having trained under Dr. Bruce E. Wampold and receiving guidance from Dr. Colin Ross, I offer rare combined personal and professional experience to help therapists treat OSDD/DID with increased confidence, intention, and skills.

60 minutes video or phone consultation: $200